Behind the Jar

Howdy, I'm Joua and I've been plant based for almost a decade and I noticed that the food industry often takes out the authenticity of a product, altering it in ways in which it would be difficult to call it the title it deserves. I started this company with the intention of being able to provide plant based foods that maintain their authenticity and great taste. I wouldn't consider myself a chef, or a professional cook, but I have a passion which resonates in me like an electrical current in the form of love for cooking, creating and providing delicious produce for those who want to savour hand made goods which don't skimp on flavour. And so with the motivation of friends and family I set out to create Joua Foods. The hub where I will sell the labour intensive produce I make for you all to savour. I'm starting with vegan kimchi. Kimchi is something I know very well, I have made it more times than I know how to count and I have mastered the taste whilst maintaining its vegan title. Once you try my kimchi, you'll probably come back again and again... I most certainly believe so!