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How do I store the kimchi?

Please keep the kimchi refrigerated once you receive it :)

Do you deliver?

We deliver postal orders via a separate courier company. Hopefully we can get our own delivery van in the future! :)

Is your product vegan, vegetarian and halal?

Yes, Yes and Yes! :)

How many days will the kimchi take to arrive?

We will make ready to order batches once a week at the moment since our production is very new and small. Once the kimchi has been made, it will take 2-3 working days to arrive. :)

Does kimchi have an expiry date

As kimchi is a fermented and live product, it will have a best before date. In Korea, you can buy kimchi that is several years old for an expensive price, the flavour will be deeper than the ocean if made well! As long as it is kept refrigerated it should keep for months. Please use clean utensils when taking out the kimchi from the jar if you are going to store it back in the fridge, this will ensure no bacteria spoils the kimchi. :)

What allergens are in the kimchi?

We use tamari (a gluten free soy sauce) in the kimchi. Therefore Soy is the allergen we use in out product. Our Kimchi is produced in an environment where traces of other allergens may be found. However, we try our best to make sure that the risk of any other allergen trace is kept to a minimum if any at all.

Is kimchi a probiotic?

Once kimchi has started its fermentation process, it starts to create lactic acid bacteria by using the bacteria Lactobacillus which breaks down sugars into lactic acid. When consumed in large amounts, fermented kimchi can prevent and help cure many diseases. More info here

What can I make with kimchi?

You can eat kimchi on the side with meals, fresher kimchi is especially delicious to consume in this way I think. More fermented kimchi (2 + weeks) is great for kimchi fried rice, kimchi soups, kimchi pancakes and kimchi noodles, plus so many more!

My kimchi rose to the top and exploded a little...

Once kimchi ferments, due to its live nature, it tends to create lacto bacteria which sometimes causes it to rise or fizz up. If you havent opened your kimchi in a few days or weeks, please open it on a plate or over the sink :)

My kimchi leaked a little bit

Please clean with a wet cloth if this is to happen. We will try our best to keep this to a minimum. The kimchi has been well packed to keep leaks to a minimum. However, if leaks are to happen, just give it a little wipe :)

Is kimchi spicy?

Our original kimchi recipe is not spicy, don't let the deep red colour deceive you! We use mild gochugaru (Korean pepper powder). However, we are hoping to launch a spicy kimchi soon, for those who was something with a kick!